moments of rain

My first night, myself and Georgie, whom I’d spent the day with laughing and chatting with, were sitting under an umbrella. Drinking beer in a fog of cigarette smoke. (Something I got used to very quickly) We were looking out to the river, and there were spots of rain on the water. We were confused- it … More moments of rain

girls do 2

  My mum has a keyring that said “girls ski 2” from a ski show that we went to when I was maybe nine or ten. We’ve always been into skiing, and I remember thinking at the time that it was strange to need to put that on a keyring. Of course girls ski! I’ve … More girls do 2

Prague (1/2)

Sorry this is so late. life has slowed down a bit now so hopefully I’ll get more posts done and uploaded. On the train journey on the way to Prague, I felt possibly worse than the famous hangover of the 27th June, in which I lay naked on the bathroom floor for 5 hours unable … More Prague (1/2)

Day 1/2/forever

Getting here was hard. A hard hard journey. We saw sun set and rise and set again before we settled and stopped in Amsterdam. We laughed and napped and complained our way through a 33 hour journey. It wasn’t the travelling itself that I minded, or how bloody uncomfortable a coach is to sleep in, … More Day 1/2/forever